The Tennessee Militia is dedicated to improving our community by providing a working counterbalance to our power hungry federal government.  The Tennessee Militia will operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters. We will not profit from our endeavors. We believe in the Constitution, and the principles that those who wrote it stood for.  We view the constitution as a outline of the limitations on federal government.  We believe that militia is necessary to the security of a free state because it reinforces our individual right to participate in self-government and provides us with a means to protection against those who would try to decrease our roles in that government.

As an organization, we will work tirelessly to support people that represent the ideals of our revolutionary founding fathers.  Those men gave up personal power and wealth in exchange for the good of the community.  They did it by attempting to limit the powers of the federal government in as many ways as they could.  And they gave us our great constitution as a contract to those limitations. 

As our great country develops and grows, it is becoming more and more important every day to remember the contract that our government signed with us.  Individuals tend to vote for people who benefit them most.  This means that our government is continually growing because people keep voting in people who figure out ways to funnel money to their constituency.  This has resulted in a dramatic shift toward socialism in practice.  Today, regulations cloud business practices, shift wealth, and generally disrupt any existing attempt by American businesses to self-regulate through competition. 

What all this means is that just like when the American Revolution occurred, you and your money is being controlled by a centralized body that is not benefiting you. 

Please join us in self-government the way our founding fathers intended it to be.

Signed this 31th day of July, 2008

Chris Goebel,
Founding Member